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  • What's the difference between "Group 1" and "Group 2" when booking?
    There's no practical diference between group 1 and group 2. Both go out at the same time, through the same places, and depart one behind the other. Since BioIsland has two boats, we needed a way for our guests to know which boat ("group") they were booking, so the same party can be together during the experience.
  • Is there an age minimum for the boat?
    BioIsland requires a minimum age of 3 years old for parents who want to bring small children. As a reminder, take notice that Puerto Rico is a tropical island with spontaneous weather. On the reserve, we may have mosquitoes and rain showers.
  • How should I be dressed?
    Be sure to bring a raincoat! Remember that Puerto Rico is a tropical island, and we could encounter some rain showers. Other than that, join us with comfortable clothing.
  • Any danger of sharks, crocodiles or other dangerous animals?
    Definitively not. The most dangerous "animals" we could face are mosquitoes. Be sure to bring some bugspray!
  • What about elderly people? Could they enjoy the trip?
    Absolutely! They will enjoy the trip as a teenager. Our current passenger record age is 103 years young!
  • Could I become seasick on the trip?  Is there motion of waves?
    NO. The lagoon is surrounded by the mangrove trees that protect it from the wind and waves.
  • Can pregnant women come to the tour?
    Yes! Pregnant women are welcome to come join us. Our staff will take special care of her while boarding and disembarking.
FAQ Group 1&2
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